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Cost estimation of a plastic water storage tank

January 16, 2021 0 Comments polymer , water-storage-tank

Several parameters determine the cost estimation of a plastic water storage tank.

They are listed below:-


  1. Construction material: Thoroughly check the material used to make the water storage tank, whether it is virgin material, food-grade & UV stabilized, or not. No matter what, health should be our prime consideration.
  2. Size of the tank and its placement: It is a principal factor. The plastic water storage tank can come in various shapes and sizes based upon the usage.
  3. The environment is the key: Check the area you live in. Climate also affects the longevity of a water storage tank.
  4. Corrosion: it is the principal enemy of a water storage tank. It can destroy the tank and the quality of the tank as well as the quality of water stored inside it.
  5. Tested & Certified: Make sure, the tank is certified by a well-known standard. This will prove that the product is safe and trustworthy.
  6. Choose the features you need: Always ask the manufacturer for the features you need. Inlet and outlet valves; place them wherever you need.

Every single manufacturer out there in the market estimates the cost of the water storage tank on the points mentioned above.

What is the cost of a water storage tank?

Now day costs of plastic water storage tanks start from Rs 3/ lit and range up to Rs 9/ lit or sometimes even more. It all depends upon the factors mentioned above and the number of layers present in the tank. Considering 1000 litre water storage tank, one made up of 3 layers and the other made up of 4 layers can cost have different costs. Moreover, brand value plays a major role in determining the cost.

How does it differ from the specification incorporated?

Every single manufacturer tries to incorporate their products loaded with the specification that customer searches for. They try to make the tanks as fancy as possible. But the customer must understand this and stick to those points before buying. Getting a water storage tank with more than 4 layers does not make any difference, it only becomes bulkier.

Users should buy smart, check reviews, after-sales service, warranty coverage, and all other factors buying a plastic water storage tank from a particular brand. This is because, after you buy the product, you have to use it for a minimum of 10 – 15 years.