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GI Structure

GI Structures

We offer you a complete range of GI structures for different kinds of projects. Solar structure, water treatment plant (WTP) structure, solar pumping structure; we manufacture them all. The GI structures are completely customizable. You provide us the necessary details; we will get the right design for you.

The GI structures have been used in all of our project works. There are a lot of advantages of using our GI structures, let’s discuss them one by one.

Advantages of GI structures

The structures are completely light on the pocket. There are no hidden charges. It’s just the cost of the GI structure + Installation charges.

Galvanization is quite cheaper than any other process, is highly effective. So they require quite less maintenance.

The life expectancy of galvanized coatings exceeds more than 25 years.

The structures are manufactures with precise engineering. Coatings are applied properly and the raw materials are chosen wisely. We make sure our customers get the best in class service.

The structures we manufacture are easy to install and act as a stronghold.


Their basic purpose is to hold the objects joined with them. May it be a solar panel, a water storage tank, or any other industrial equipment structures handle them perfectly. They are used in water treatment plants, solar pumping of water, almost every solar project, and many more. They act as the backbone of these projects.

Looking for a strong durable galvanized iron structure?

You are at the right place. Talk to us, let us know what type of structure do you need or your project requires. Click below for inquiry.


Why galvanized iron (GI) is so durable?

Galvanization is the foremost reason for protection against corrosion. An average coating is of the thickness of an A4 size paper that can protect the iron for more than 1000 years. This simple coating thickness will meet the corrosion performance required for any industry.

Is galvanized iron (GI) sustainable?

Galvanized Iron provides long term durability, which is obtained at a very low environmental burden in terms of energy and global related impacts. They need very little maintenance. So they can last long. But lack of it can degrade the quality and increase the cost of sustaining it.

Is galvanizing cost-effective?

It is always assumed that the process of galvanizing is expensive because of its high-performance coating. But the truth is completely different. The cost of the painting system is 35% more expensive than galvanizing over the long run.

Are galvanized iron (GI) structures reliable?

Galvanizing is a moderately straightforward and precisely controlled process. The coating formed is persistent, predictable and essentially indicated. So they are for sure reliable.

How does galvanization protect the metal?

Galvanization protects the metal in two ways:-

  • It acts as a physical barrier by making a bond with the metal. It prevents the exposure of inner metal to the atmosphere.
  • The galvanized coating would corrode slowly. On any harm to the metal, the galvanized part will get scratched. Thus the underlying metal is safe. This is called sacrificial protection.


Being an EPC company, we know the value of structures, importance of frameworks. Contact us to know more about GI structures.

Surya International is one of the dominant manufacturers of GI structures in India.

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