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Importance of FRP pressure vessel inspection

January 27, 2021 0 Comments frp-vessels , polymer

We know that every piece of industrial equipment needs inspection & maintenance before and after usage. This becomes double in the case of the FRP vessel. They should be always handled with care. If they malfunction, personal injury and property damage can be caused. They may contain several things like water, oil, chemicals, etc. These are not things to be underestimated. Let us discuss the different stages when the inspection should be done.

  1. Inspection after FRP pressure vessel is manufactured:-


When any FRP pressure vessel is manufactured, inspection is the first thing that should be done. There are many national and international bodies, which conduct tests related to these products. They make sure these products are safe to be used by humans. Indian bodies like NABL, ISO mark these certifications. Be sure to keep this in mind while buying an FRP vessel.


  1. Inspection for transportable FRP pressure vessels:-


It is feasible for movable constrain vessels to bring about a specific amount of damage upon establishment. Since they are made to be stuck to a static metal edge or welded onto a hardened mounting stage, the exactingly designed vessels are then presented to incredible pressing factors. Roads are not always leveled on Indian streets; so while transportation of FRP vessels, they may collide. This may affect the quality of equipment upon delivery. So it is always advisable to inspect the equipment after it is being delivered. It’s fine if the vessels are empty, they can be easily inspected. If they are filled with any sort of chemicals or liquid then it may cause any harm.


  1. Inspection of FRP pressure vessel during usage:-


This is used mainly done to reduce downtown. In most industries, these types of equipment are operated at optimal efficiency. So without an inspection the vessels may slow down, in the worst case they may be negatively affected. Regular inspections must be done to ensure whether the FRP vessels need to be repaired or replaced. It will also increase the lifespan of the equipment beyond their guarantees. They are high-risk equipment so any improper operation may lead to fatal accidents.

We discussed above how the inspection of the FRP vessel must be done and at what stages they should be performed. It is quite essential not just for FRP vessels, but for every heavily used industrial equipment. Users should always check it before buying and must ask the manufacturers for the report, check if it’s valid or not.