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IT Services

IT Services

We are creating value through our software solution in the field of ERP tech, AI integrated tendering Solution, FinTech Platform and IoT. Our state-of-the-art tech enables organizations to take advantage of various IT services in their operation. We are revolutionizing tendering through a unique combination of  Natural Language Processing(NLP) and OCR technology solutions.

ERP Solution:-

At Surya, we provide our clients with individualized, expert designed ERP solutions that drive optimum ROI. Our team brings with it a rich and diverse background in IT solutions and years of experience as leaders in the Custom Enterprise Application. The ERP system comprises end to end organization management modules starting from Project Management, vendor management, Inventory management, Sales order management, Asset management, compliance management, HR management and financial process management etc. It has been loaded with unique features that are highly customizable and easily scalable as per the business demands. Some of the important features are as follows.

  • Smart & Perfect Purchase Requisitions
  • Flexible and Comprehensive PO
  • Dynamic Invoicing
  • Customized In-depth Reports of all modules for management decision making.
  • Cutting-edge Features
  • Integrated Vendor Management System
  • Simplified Vendor Onboarding Process
  • Digitized Vendor Management Tool
  • Control Procurement Cost
  • Quotation Management
  • Automated Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Enhanced Workflow
  • Asset Acquisition & Asset Tracking
  • Capture assets warranty, Insurance, and Installation details
  • Asset Servicing and Maintenance Management and reporting
  • Automated alerts for timely maintenance
  • Hassle-Free Implementation of E-Invoicing
  • Complete GST Invoicing Solution
  • Bulk import through Excel
  • Robust Data Security
  • User-Friendly & Intuitive Interface
  • Real-time monitoring of the project progress
  • Omnipotent Managing Capability
  • Real-time project profitability tracking

AI integrated tendering Solution:-

We are leveraging AI technology in the field of tender bidding for cost reduction, avoiding expensive surprises, more efficient use of human capital, and mitigating tender risk proactively. Our AI tendering system skims through thousands of tender documents and reads them by using Natural Language Processing(NLP) and OCR technology to suggest best suited tenders. It will help organizations to take different important bidding decisions, including the bid or no-bid decision as well as optimized bid value. Some of its key features are as follows.

  • Matching with the most suitable tenders through AI technology.
  • Searching of a large number of tenders with minimum effort and time.
  • Matching tender qualifications in line with the specialty area of the company

FinTech Platform:-

We are helping fintech companies to build and deploy secured and scalable software solutions with high industry standards as well as data protection. We are building an end to end lending platform for p2p fintech companies with cutting-edge technologies. We always focus on customer delight throughout the p2p lending platform development process and strive to deliver the best solution in a shorter span of time. We follow the best practices to secure the p2p lending platform through data encryption. We are developing both web and mobile apps to attract a wider customer base with a smooth user interface.

IoT Solution:-

We are building software solutions for IoT devices in the area of vehicle tracking, employee GPS tracking, attendance management as well as Remote Monitoring Devices used in solar power plants.

With the help of IoT and GPS tracking systems, the fleet managers are able to access vital information such as the road conditions, weather, and the traffic. This access helps them in deploying their vehicles and drivers in an optimized way. Businesses can ensure that all their vehicles are working properly by setting alerts for maintenance, wear & tear of tires, deviations in temperature, and many more.

Our employee GPS tracking app makes it easier to dispatch your teams and to trust they are working as required. This means you can track their time and attendance based on their locations without hassle.

Our software solution developed for RMS devices is helping to monitor the performance of the solar power system, observe the trend of its generation data, performance reporting customized to your needs and receive notification and service intervention alarms.

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