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LLDPE polymer granules
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Polymer Granules

LLDPE Polymer Granules

We have a huge of Linear Low Density Polyethylene Granules in varied shades that make is immensely useful on varied ranges of industrial purposes. They can be used in every possible polymer sector to produce plastic materials. We are one of the prime global supplier with manufacturing based in Gurgaon with 100% make in India granules.

Due to features like high elasticity the polymer products support immense numbers of quality required for the particular industry. We support majorly green resources and our LLDPE polymer granules are good for bio degradable materials.

The consumption of polymer has been increasing dynamically over the span of time.

Image source: FICCI

LLDPE polymers constitutes total 18% of the total polymer industry which is a great prospect for our future generation if used with utmost care to nature.

Polymer Granules

Image source: FICCI

Though the business has been exclusively dominant by the western and northern business enterprise; but other southern and eastern region taking a big hold in the streamline.

Polymer Granules

Image source: FICCI

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