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Myths about water storage tanks

January 7, 2021 0 Comments polymer , water-storage-tank

Myth 1:- Any type of plastic storage tank can be used to store water.

Fact: – Reality is, Water should be stored in Plastic containers or plastic storage tanks which are:-

  1. made of 100% virgin plastic
  2. of food grade quality
  • UV resistant
  1. certified by any known international standards

Just like the plastic storage tanks from Surya International; they fulfill all those criteria that costumers search for in the market at economical reach. Use and throw water bottles are not good enough for long term use.


Myth 2:– You can only use barrels to store water during rain water harvesting

Fact: – Plastic Water barrels are good, but nothing compared to water storage tanks. The plastic water storage tanks are a great aid for rain water harvesting. They are available in different sizes and colors. They can store large amount of water and they can be interlinked easily through pipes. So, plastic water storage tanks are a better choice.


Myth 3:– Greater the number of layer in a water storage tank, the better it is.

Fact: – Adding more layers beyond 4 only makes the tank unnecessarily heavier and rigid. Our competitors sell tanks made up 6 to 7 layers. It has no benefits.


Myth 4:– Selling tanks loaded with features make them reliable

Fact: – Most of our competitors load their water storage tanks with 20-25 features. But the real thing is, no water storage tank is more reliable than a certified one. Surya International tanks are certified from Known industrial standards and do provide the features the customers really need, which makes us a better option to choose.


Myth 5:-Local tank manufacturers often provide more than 10-15 years warranty and that makes them better

Fact: – Most of the local tank manufacturers are quite fat and loose. Thus the warranties they provide are invalid. So they start making excuses once you reach up to them for any kind of support. Surya International plastic water storage tanks provide genuine 7 years warranty upon manufacturing defects and provide immediate customer support whenever asked for.


Myth 6:- Competitor tanks are heavier so they are more durable too

Fact: – Local manufactures add several chemicals to make their tank stronger. Unlike them, Surya International water storage tanks are computerized design and 100% tested. The tanks weigh as prescribed by the PHED department. So they are more durable .