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SOLAR DUAL PUMPS:- The solar dual pumps is an innovative pump designed to utilize the power of the sun during the day and act as a normal hand pump when the solar energy is not available, hence assuring uninterrupted water supply for drinking, sanitation, personal hygiene etc. The system consists of a submersible pump which runs on power generated from the photo-voltaic solar cells and is suitable for use on bore-wells with 100 mm (and above) diameter up to 80-90 meters depth. In practice a solar array is installed near the bore-well, a submersible pump powered with DC motor is installed below the hand pump cylinder. The pump is connected to a storage tank and the collected water is dispensed through a stand post. This system can also be used on other water sources such as open wells or tanks.


1Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of 358 Nos of Solar energy based Dual Pump(1 Hp Dc Submersible) Systems and Systems are working satisfactorily in the various districts during the year 2018-19 in the state of Odisha.OREDA322.2 KWPRs. 14,37,50,124/-
2Solar Based Dual Pump (Design, commissioning & supply with 5 yrs CMC of 174 solar water pump of 1H.P DC of 900 wt in the Malkangiri Gajapathi dist. Of Odisha) –phase-I.NSIC,BHUBANESWAR156.6 KWPRs.7,95,03,000/-
3Solar Based Dual Pump(Design, commissioning & supply with 5 yrs CMC of 144 solar water pumps, of 900 WP out of which 46 pumps have been allotted Nos.NSIC,BHUBANESWAR129.6 KWPRs.6,40,08,000/-
4Solar Based Dual Pump(Design, commissioning & supply with 5 yrs CMC of 229 solar water pump of 0.5 HP DC PUMP 900 wt in the Malkangiri Gajapathi dist. Of Odisha) –Phase-IINSIC,BHUBANESWAR103.05 KWPRs.2,87,00,000/-
5Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 1HP DCx125 Nos. of Solar Powered Motor Pump with construction of 4000 Litrex125 Nos. RCC Elevated Storage Reservoir Capacity & laying of water supply pipeline of total 2500 meters on turnkey basis for water supply in various villages on Godda.

NSIC, Godda Division,
112.5 KWPRs. 5,67,00,000/-