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Home lighting System is powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) directly to electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries and used for the purpose of lighting whenever required.

The system comprises of:-

  • Solar PV Module (Solar Cells)
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery and
  • Lighting System (lamps & fans).

The solar module is installed in the open on roof/terrace – exposed to sunlight and the charge controller and battery are kept inside a protected place in the house. The solar module requires periodic dusting for effective performance.

Operation Time depends on the capacity of the system. However, most systems are designed to give a daily working time of 3-4 hours with a fully charged battery. The system provides for buffer storage for 1-2 non-sunny /cloudy days.



1Design, supply , installation , commissioning and operation for rural electrification works of 04 villages in districts of Chatra and Hazaribagh in Jharkhand through 200 WP solar home system ( Solar Power Pack ) to total 389 Nos. household to each household and street lights, along with 05 years CMC under DDG scheme of DDUGJYJREDA77.8 KWp
2Supplied, Installed, Commissioned 1050 Nos. Of 14 watt W-LED based Solar Home Light System at Ropahtha Village, Champara Dist. ,Bihar CEL, Sahidabad14.7 KWp
3Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and operation for Rural electrification Works of 05 Villages in district of Latehar, Chatra, West Singhbhun in Jharkhand through 200Wp Solar Home System( Solar power Pack ) to 25 nos House hold to each house hold & street, along with 5 years CMC, under Decentralized Distributed Generation (DDG) Scheme of Deendayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY)JREDA5 KWp
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