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Water Storage Tank

The use of water storage practices is as old as human civilization. At present water storage tanks are the parts of every enclosure may it be domestic or commercial one. They are available in different sizes, shapes and types such as loft water tanks, plastic water tanks, steel water tanks etc. So, it is now essential to follow proper water storage practices to lead a healthy life for the society. Surya international incorporate those thoughts into real life and find solutions for its users in every way possible. Surya International water storage tanks are made from LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). Water tanks are available in both 2 layers and 4 layers category. Both the categories are made from 100% virgin plastic, so tanks are strong and durable. Inner most layer is made from food grade material which makes the water storage tanks completely safe for consumption. Thus, Surya international guarantee optimal level of hygiene and durability at economical price for both domestic and commercial uses. Certified by ISI & BIS, Surya International water storage tanks provide best in class functionality to the consumers. Our team of highly experienced professionals & technicians pledge to design and manufacture superior quality water storage tanks.

Surya International Water Storage Tank

Product Details:

Storage Capacity                                    5000 Litres

Layer Type                                               3 to 7

Brand                                                       SURYA INTERNATIONAL

Material                                                    Plastic

Color                                                        Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow

Tank Orientation                                      Vertical

Shape                                                      Round

Valves customizable as per customer’s requirement

Surya Water Storage Tank

Key Features

Made from 100% Virgin plastic. So they are more strong and durable

Customizing solutions are also available. Tank accessories are in-built according to design specified. Valves are also customizable according to the users

Inner layer is made of 100% food grade material which makes it safe to use.

Surya International water storage tanks are certified by ISI and BIS, so they are trustworthy.

The tanks are insulated so they keep the inside atmosphere cooler than outside in hot conditions.


How long can we use a plastic water storage tank?

Generally, a plastic water storage tank will last at least 20 years or more depending upon how we use it.

How to clean water storage tank?

  • Empty the water storage tank
  • Scrub the internal surfaces with hard brushes and a mixture of cleaning reagents (ex- Chlorine bleach)
  • Rinse the tank until there are no traces of cleaning re agents.

What is the ideal Size of water storage tank for domestic purpose?

For an family of 4-5 persons, a 5000 Liter water storage tank is an ideal choice.

Are plastic water storage tanks safe to use? What are their benefits?

  • Less weight
  • Easier to locate and install
  • Variations available in shapes and color
  • Corrosion free
  • Highly durable

What are the benefits of using food grade water storage tank?

Food grade plastic water storage tank guarantee that water stored inside it does not get contaminated when comes in contact with it.

How to install a water storage tank safely?

  • The water storage tank should be installed in a vertical manner, provided with a solid level base support
  • The water tank must be protected from strong winds and enough space must be provided between tank and adjacent structures for expansion.
  • After water storage tank is placed successfully, pipes and fittings can be connected further.

What safety measures should be taken while handling a water storage tank?

  • Carry and move the water storage tanks when empty.
  • Do not use the water storage tanks for underground purposes until proper arrangements done.
  • Do not stand over tank while performing any task ( filling or cleaning)

Should water storage tank be covered?

Light favors the growth of micro organisms. So, it is advised to seal the hatch properly before using any water storage tank to prevent light from entering it.

Factors affecting life expectancy of a plastic water storage tank?

Factors affecting life expectancy of plastic water storage tanks are:-

  • Quality of water tank purchased
  • Way of handling and installing a tank
  • Piping method
  • How often we clean a tank

Why should a water storage tank be cleaned?

Progressively dirt & dust enter the tank and settles down at the bottom of the tank, which often degrades the quality of the water. Cleaning the tank at particular intervals can decrease harm to our water pump, water channels and blockages of pipelines.

How often should you clean your water storage tanks?

According to Water Quality and Health Council, USA, cleaning water storage tanks every 6 months would make it last longer and maintain the quality of water inside it by removing contamination.

How long can we use a plastic water storage tank?

Generally, a plastic water storage tank will last at least 20 years or more depending upon how we use it.

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