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Things you should keep in mind while buying a plastic water storage tank

January 7, 2021 0 Comments polymer , water-storage-tank

A lot of people think buying a water storage tank is quite easy but that’s not it. Taking health into concern, choosing the right plastic storage tank is not an easy task. There are lots of points to be taken into consideration while buying one. Let’s list them one by one and discuss them in brief.


  1. The material of construction: – Buyers should always keep it in mind that they should buy plastic water storage tanks that are made from pure plastic i.e., 100% virgin plastic. The inner layer must be of food-grade quality.
  2. Size of the tank: – Users should buy tanks according to their requirements. If there are 3 members in a family and space is less, there is no use in buying a 5000 Lit water storage tank. A 500 Lit water storage tank would be a perfect choice. Plastic water storage tanks come in different shapes and sizes. May it be industrial use or a domestic one, Vertical overhead tank or underground tank; plastic water storage tanks are designed and manufactured for all cases.
  3. Safety matters: – People should always buy plastic water storage tanks that are tested and certified for the liquid you want to store. Improper usage of the storage tank can harm the tank and contaminate the liquid stored in it. A well-certified tank, tested by any known standard would be the right choice. Untested ones cannot guarantee the longevity of the tank.
  4. Choose the features you need: – While buying a plastic water storage tank talk to the manufacture to provide the vent(s), overflow, inlet, discharge nozzles, and roof access manways, and place the connections wherever you need them to be placed.
  5. Estimate the total life cycle cost: – Upfront costs don’t always show the total life cycle of the tank. Compare products. Maintenance and guarantee/ warranty provisions everything should be taken into account.
  6. Consider coatings: – A plastic storage tanks should always be provided with coatings, Corrosion resistant coating is a must. Corrosion is the bane for plastic water storage tanks. It can contaminate the substance stored in it. Plastic storage tanks also must be UV resistant. Or else the UV rays may enter through different layers of plastic and degrade them.
  7. Always consider vendors that are ISI certified. This makes the tanks more trustworthy.


Choosing plastic water storage tanks in the market is like comparing apples to apples. This is a tuff task because once the user chooses a tank; they are going to use them for at least 10 to 15 years. So before getting one, they must prioritize the points mentioned above.