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water storage tank
water storage tank


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Surya International incorporate those thoughts into real life and find solutions for its users in every way possible. Surya International water storage tanks are made from LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene). Water tanks are available in both 2 layers and 4 layers category. Both the categories are made from 100% virgin plastic, so tanks are strong and durable. Inner most layer is made from food grade material which makes the water storage tanks completely safe for consumption. Thus, Surya international guarantee optimal level of hygiene and durability at economical price for both domestic and commercial uses. The use of water storage practices is as old as human civilization. At present water storage tanks are the parts of every enclosure may it be domestic or commercial one. They are available in different sizes, shapes and types such as loft water tanks, plastic water tanks, steel water tanks etc. So, it is now essential to follow proper water storage practices to lead a healthy life for the society.

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Certified by ISI & BIS, Surya International water storage tanks provide best in class functionality to the consumers. Our team of highly experienced professionals & technicians pledge to design and manufacture superior quality water storage tanks.

Key Features

Made from 100% Virgin plastic. So they are more strong and durable

Customizing solutions are also available. Tank accessories are in-built according to design specified. Valves are also customizable according to the users

Inner layer is made of 100% food grade material which makes it safe to use.

Surya International water storage tanks are certified by ISI and BIS, so they are trustworthy.

The tanks are insulated so they keep the inside atmosphere cooler than outside in hot conditions.


What is the best base for a water tank?

The best water tank relies on how much cash you can bear. Purchase a flat water tank rather than a vertical one so that cleaning is simple. Additionally, try to have an additional exit at the lower part of the tank for a similar explanation.

  1. Sand: Sand is modest however it has its difficulties. If not upheld effectively, it can flee rapidly during a tempest or weighty downpour.
  2. Pea Gravel: A strong alternative. Comes at a sensible cost and holds its shape much in a way that is better than sand. Pea rock additionally should be upheld so it doesn’t debase over the long run. This choice channels water much in a way that is better than sand. I energetically suggest this.
  3. Concrete: Is more costly yet will last the longest whenever developed effectively. Looks flawless and clean. You may have to introduce channels relying upon what direction the water streams or that it is so near your home.
  4. Earth/Clay: This is like utilizing sand. If not upheld effectively, it can flee rapidly during a tempest or weighty downpour.
  5. In the case of utilizing solid, eliminate rocks from the surface – Small and enormous rocks can penetrate the lower part of any poly water stockpiling tank. With water in the tank, this can make a great deal of tension on the base of the tank.

Few things to keep in mind while setting up a base for a water storage tank

  1. Never utilize two bases for a solitary water tank – I have seen terrible instances of this when clients have introduced their tank half on concrete and half on earth. The issue with this is the point at which it rains, the soil can wash away. This squeezes the base of the tank and can take breaks and parts.
  2. If utilizing sand or earthensures it is upheld – Heavy rains can rapidly wash away sand or soil from under your tank. Guarantee that there is acceptable waste around the tank and that the sand or soil is upheld with something like solid, rocks, or lumber.
  3. Use rebar or network while pouring a solid base – This will guarantee the solid is solid and won’t separate after some time. On the off chance that you are uncertain where to get this from or how to introduce it, address a cementing proficient.
  4. When utilizing sand, soil, or pea rock, guarantee the surface is compacted – A compacted surface will mean a level and an even surface. This will forestall any unneeded weight being put on specific pieces of the tank base.
  5. The base should consistently be level – As expressed over, a level base is significant as it will keep the weight evenly across the whole base of the water tank.

How long can drinking water be stored in a tank?

If water is stored in suitable water storage tank placed in a cool & dark place, disinfected, and is properly sealed then it can store water forever as water never expires.

How do you store water in a tank?

A water storage tank gathers water and stores it for future and ideal access. At the point when you turn on the valve in your kitchen, water drifts from the tank to your tap, serving your purpose on interest. Turning around valves work gradually, purging water each drop in turn. An opposite storage tank promises you can get to this water at whatever point you need, without hanging tight for the framework to carefully top off your glass. Numerous inaccessible wells are entrusted with giving pressurized water all through a family unit or business. A good weight tank guarantees that when you turn your shower on or flush your latrine, you have quick admittance to pressurized water. They additionally help broaden the life of the good siphon by shielding the siphon from short-cycling.


Water storage tanks come in all shapes, sizes, and arrangements, and are utilized for an assortment of purposes across the water treatment industry. From a little, 5-gallon switch assimilation tank put away perfectly under your sink to a transcending 120-gallon well weight tank, water storage tanks are a fundamental piece of numerous family water frameworks. These tanks are typically resistant, keeping daylight from encouraging green growth and bacterial development inside the tank. Warm extension tanks forestall water radiators on shut water supplies from spilling and blasting.

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