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water tank terms and conditions

Water Storage Tank Terms and Conditions

  1. Any kind of tampering or irrelevant use other then water storage with the tank will void your claims.
  2. The terms of claims will be applicable as per company’s latest policy.
  3. Any kind of fraudulence found in claims will be approached to the court of law.
  4. Do’s and Don’t regards to the water tank handling should be strictly followed.
  5. Necessary documents should be made available to make the claims.
  6. The power of claims cannot be transferred to a third party in case of transfer of possession.
  7. The claims do not include additional costs like shipping and instalment.
  8. We reserve the right to question and inspect the product and its installation ground on and before claims.
  9. Identical replacement is not mandatory. Similar replacements will be done as per the availability.
  10. Damage due to lack of maintenance, any kind of negligence and natural conditions is completely invalid for claims.