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What are the qualities of the top brand plastic water storage tanks?

December 26, 2020 0 Comments polymer , water-storage-tank
The water tank manufacturers put together all their technical expertise and modern methodologies to build water tanks that the users would prefer. But before buying people should know about the things, what features do they provide? Are those features useful? Let’s look at some of the qualities of top-class plastic water storage tanks.  
  1. 100% Virgin polymer used
The water tanks should be made of Virgin plastic, may it be HDPE or LLDPE. Virgin plastic is a type of plastic resin that is directly derived from the industry and is newly made. They possess a high amount of durability & strength, can last longer.  
  1. Food grade Quality container
The water tanks must be made of food-grade quality. This means that the plastic used to build the tank is suitable for contact with water stored inside it. If the water storage tank is not of food-grade quality, then water quality would degrade gradually. Possibly this may cause health hazards.  
  1. Tested and certified by any known organization/ standard
Users should always check this before buying. The water storage tanks should be tested and certified by known standards (BIS, ISI, and FDA, etc). This makes them trustworthy.  
  1. UV stability
Water storage tanks should be so made that they should not allow UV light to penetrate through them. They must be UV stabilized else they would degrade the material. This reduces the quality of the water stored inside it.  
  1. Full storage capacity
This means the water storage tanks must easily store the amount of water as promised or as prescribed in their details at the time of purchase.  
  1. Corrosion-resistant and leak proof
These are the key features that a water storage tank must-have. If any water storage tanks lack these mentioned qualities then they are not worth buying.  
  1. Maintain low temperature
The water storage tanks should maintain a low temperature concerning their outer surrounding. During the summer season, the outer surroundings are as hot as 40 degrees Celsius or more. In such cases, the water tank should maintain around 10 degrees less temperature inside.  
  1. Provide a minimum of 5 years of warranty
Though a water storage tank lasts around 20 years or more, the manufacturer should provide a minimum of 5 years of warranty as a sign of trust towards its customer.   There are a lot of features that different water storage tank manufacturers provide. But these are the main key qualities that a water storage tank must-have. Be sure to check these out before you are planning to buy one.