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Why is Water Storage so important?

January 4, 2021 0 Comments polymer , water-storage-tank

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” – W.H.Auden

Water is the most fundamental necessity of human beings for existence. An average human can survive 3 to 4 days without access to water. Nowadays with the help of modern technology, it is now quite easier to fetch a clean source of water and store it properly. Let’s see why it is so important to store water:

Basic amenities

Daily activities consume a lot of water. Storing water can help usage over the long run. An average human uses around 150 liters of water each day. Therefore storing water and using it further would keep a track of further usage.


Natural calamities have been an alarming situation these days, often leaving the sufferer with limited access to clean drinking water sources. A planned water storage system would be an aid in such times.

Fire protection

Life is uncertain and accidents can happen anytime. If there isn’t access to enough water during any fire accident, firefighters may not be able to put out the fire by the time they reach the spot. So storing water could be a huge asset in such catastrophic circumstances.

Perks of storing water:-

  1. Protection against contamination by animals and human waste
  2. Stops water loss due to evaporation
  3. Prohibits breeding grounds of mosquitoes and other insects.


It is quite high time people should understand that storage of water is desired for water security. It means water should always be accessible as and when needed by the consumer. Using a potable water storage tank is an example of a water storage system. It’s being extensively used nowadays as they come in various shapes and sizes. Plastic water storage tanks are easy to install and can be used for a long period. They can be a good option as they are light on the pocket.

Myths about Water storage

Storing water is altogether different from storing food; there are a few things you should consider if you’re new to water storage. Listed below are few myths about storage of water.

  1. Water expires: – Water does not expire; it gets contaminated (chemically or biologically). It can be used further by purifying. Storing it in a safe place would reduce the chance of contamination.
  2. Storing water in a barrel would be enough for an emergency: – One can’t simply depend on a water barrel for all the emergency situations. Instead store water in various types of containers for various types of situations.
  3. It is fine to store water in any type of plastic container: – Water should be stored in plastic containers which are UV resistant and food grade quality.